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(TR) İhracat Bedelinde 180 Gün Şartı Nedir ?

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12 - Transit Rejimi Nedir - X

What is Transit Regime?

Transit Regime is a regime which is applied to transport of the goods which are not subject...

VIDEO 8-Yükümlü Kayıt Takip Sistemi Nedir-X

What is Common Transit Procedure?

Common Transit Procedure is a procedure applied on the commodity transport which is within the context of...

VIDEO 10 - İhracatta Katma Değer Vergisi İstinası Nedir-X

What is a Value Added Tax Exemption for Export?

Pursuant to Articles 11/1-a of the VAT Law numbered 3065 export deliveries and services are exempt from...

VIDEO 9-Bağlayıcı Tarife Nedir - X

What is a Binding Tariff Information?

People may receive binding tariff information to be used in import and export formalities through Turkish Customs....

What is the Taxpayer Record and Monitoring System?

The Taxpayer Record and Monitoring System is an application for electronic monitoring and inspecting of data belonging to private and legal entities or people authorized as directly or indirectly representing these entities who wish to execute customs formalities on-line and for benefiting from risk analyses, queries and investigations by these data.
The Taxpayer Record and Monitoring System is operating web-based and the system is logged in by the official website link of Ministry of Customs and Trade through the user code and password “BİLGE” by private and legal entities who wish to declare on-line or people authorized by them.
For entrance to the system private entities shall use their TR identity numbers, name and surname, address, e-mail address, phone number, mobile phone number; legal entities shall use their tax number, company title, address, e-mail address, phone number, mobile phone number, MERSIS number, their registered trade offices and registered e-mail address, if any; and direct or indirect represents shall use their TR identity numbers, e-mail address, start and end dates of their authorization for each represent, type of authorization, proxy date, number of proxies, tax number and title of the customs broker company.
The correspondents may apply to any customs office after logging into the system for private entities by their identity cards, passports or certified identity register, and the represents may apply by the original or notarized registration document on the Trade Registry Gazette or Turkish Merchants and Craftsmen Registry Gazette.