Our Services


“Conducting all services that marine vehicles and vessels, which carry loads and passengers by cruising within Turkish waters and on rivers or which pass through Turkish straits, require is the freight forwarding agency services.

We, as Birleşik Gümrük Müşavirliği, present customs services to all ship agents and forwarder companies at all customs/ports in the Territory where we give service with our staff comprised of fast, trained and solution-focused expert personnel and experienced customer representatives that we have formed within the company and with updated technology based software.

All operation (import-export) movements of ships within the scope of ship services which have been started by making notice of arrival (notice of Arrival, Approval of Unloading Summary Manifest) after a ship’s entering into the port, victualling and crew works which are the needs of the ship are included in these services.

After all ship operations have been completed, port costs of the ship are deposited, required permissions for the ship to leave the portside are taken and the ship is enabled to leave the port without any problem.
“Correction to be made in import and export summary manifest declared, Temporary acceptance entry and exit, Transit,

Reshipment, Re-Export, Agency Transfer and Second Portside, Abolishment and Divestment procedure, Insufficiency/Surplus following operations and ending Following operations, Following Periods, Departure Notification and Loading Summary Manifest Approval” are our main services.
Documents related to all services given are archived electronically.”