Environment Policy

We, employees of BİRLEŞİK CUSTOMS BROKERAGE including, without limitation, the Top Management, undertake that we will be environmentally sensitive in all our operations, being conscious of our social and environmental responsibilities and that we will strive to prevent environmental contamination and continuously improve our environmental performance, adhering to the provisions of any relevant local and national laws and regulations and to the environment-related regulations from our clients.

In line with this purpose,

  • we will operate in compliance with any local and national laws and regulations related to the environment and be in continuous cooperation and communication with any and all governmental organisations and institutions, all employees, suppliers, subcontractors, visitors and society;
  • we shall comply with any Environmental Conditions and Regulations in the course of the performance of our Customs Brokerage Operations;
  • we will carry out studies in order to reduce the use of energy and water, aiming at economical and efficient use of all resources;
  • we will take measures in order to reduce the amount and/or environmental impact of any kinds of wastes generated and contribute to the safe storage of any and all recyclable or hazardous wastes occurring in the locations where we provide services and to the provision of the carriage thereof by licensed carriers and proper recycling or disposal thereof;
  • we will organise trainings, social events and activities which will encourage the protection of the environment and human health and enhancing the environmental consciousness and sensitivity; identify new goals and targets and ensure continuous improvement by performing environmental performance assessments and necessary measurements and analyses every year.



ISO 14001.2015