Information Security Policy

In order to ensure continuous progression of our Information Security Management System embodied by Birleşik Gümrükleme;

We guarantee to define Information Assets, and; these assets’

  • Effect on business: Handling certain issues as substitution cost of the asset, confidentiality of the information, its effect on image, losses to be incurred in terms of legal and judicial liabilities, ,
  • Threat possibility: Handling certain issues as frequency of weaknesses and to what extent the existing controls compensates those weaknesses, attraction of the information in the eyes of the opponents, deficits and the threats regarding integrity of the information, and
  • To determine the risks regarding confidentiality, integrity and accessibility on the information, to evaluate them, to apply all controls necessary for all assets above the acceptable limits,
  • To ensure that all activities are carried out efficiently, correctly, rapidly and securely.
  • To conform with all customer conditions and legal liabilities,
  • To ensure total involvement in sustainability in training and consulting, and in information security phenomenon throughout the company; and to raise awareness for information security.