Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management Policy

At Birleşik Gümrük Müşavirliği, our basic principle is to satisfy customer requirements and expectations in compliance with the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Information Security Standards just in time, thus ensuring exquisite customer experience and satisfaction. We keep optimising our service quality through our open-to-change and innovative operating methods in line with the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Continuous development and provision of customer satisfaction in our business processes and operations has been built on our values of honesty, moral integrity and respect-for-human that are inherent in our overall business principles and our own self. Customer suggestions and complaints are managed under such values, and it is one of our company’s primary priorities to consider the same professionally in a fair and impartial manner from a customer-oriented perspective in accordance with the legal requirements.

We consider any feedback from our customers as a present. Through our customer-oriented service, we use all the resources we possess to turn all such incoming feedback to customer satisfaction. While any affirmative feedback is an indication of the fact that we are progressing on the right path, suggestions for improvement are important data for our goal of being “one step ahead at all times”.

We measure the satisfaction of our customers with our products and services and, as a result thereof, carry on our activities for improvement in a continuous and systematic manner.



ISO 10002.2014-XX