Our Services


Birleşik Gümrük Müşavirliği, with 30 year experience, experienced and expert staff, strong technologic infrastructure, customer representative system according to the company with which it works, gives various services below to its customers;

• Following “Customs Legislation” daily with a team it has formed within the company. Examining Company Profile by Customs Consultant, forming action plans aimed at reducing costs work development according to analysis made and after then giving consultancy services in the direction of customer interests with Project works.
Giving consultancy services and support for each matter related to Free Zones to our Customers who want to invest in Free Zones which involve a number of advantages for domestic companies and companies with foreign capital.

• Obtaining required documents for customs transactions ,
• Taking Delivery Order, taking and delivering import documents from the company,
• Taking preliminary permission certificates which should be obtained from official authorities for import and export,
• Making cost calculation of the goods which are the subject of order.
• Control Certificate, Health Certificate, TSE Certificates, A.T.R., Certificate of Origin and etc.
• Guarantee letter release,
• Delivery of the goods whose customs transactions have finished to a warehouse,
• Domestic transportation and storage organization,
• Transportation and storage organization at abroad,
• Obtaining İ.P.A.C and Investment Incentive Certificate,
• Obtaining Temporary Import Authorization,
• Getting extension of time and tracking it,
• Following times in temporary exits,
• Taking all kinds of documents, vouchers or receipts which will be required at each stage of customs transactions with our motor couriers that we employ within and delivering those to required authorities.
• Determining HS code of goods
• Delivering the file whose transactions have finished to the customer as fast as possible,
• Delivering documents to the bank and to its receiver,
• Following customs Declaration Forms and their delivery on time,
• Delivering accounting documents to the customer as fast as possible.