Business Continuity Policy

Business continuity is one of the most important dimensions of our technological development. Our company is well-prepared for any kind of disaster scenario to ensure the continuity of the services in the urgent and difficult situations besides the daily pace of life and regarding the business management within the framework of principles of ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System in order to provided uninterrupted and quality service to all of its shareholders.


Starting from this point of view, our purpose within the framework of Business Continuity Practices is based on:

  • Preventing interruptions to protect the services from threats such as environmental reasons, hardware failures, operational errors, malicious code attacks, natural disasters,
  • Keeping the effect on the services at the lowest level,
  • Determining the incidents at the shortest time to reduce the retrieval efforts and preserve the service quality,
  • Quickly reacting to prevent a small incident to come to more serious levels,
  • Conducting retrieval practices in a way that there will be recovery priorities and firstly the most critical services are restituted in order to ensure that the services can restart on time and the data integrity is maintained,

Reviewing the lessons gained from the incidents by analyzing them and this way, being in continuous development in a way that it will ensure getting prepared against interruptions better.



ISO 22301.2012-XXX