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With investment we have made to technology and R&D activities since the day when we were founded, we conduct registry and realization transactions by connecting online from all of our offices with Customs Undersecretariat, Directorate of Free Zones, Free Zone Founder and Operators/operator Companies, user companies, Customs Institutions, Turkish Statistics Institution (TSI), Exporters Unions in compliance with “EDI” ; E-Union, E-Customs and Free Zones Computerized Application Program (FZCAP).

With our BİRLEŞİK ONLİNE system, which gives opportunity to monitor instantly each stage of customs clearance transactions during the period from filing transactions with a special password which are given to our customers on our website to the delivery of the goods, which gives opportunity to follow the orders on the way and even current accounts , which bring transparency onto the forefront, we create an opportunity for you, our valuable customers, to work in coordination with Foreign Trade, Logistics, Supply Chain, Marketing and Accounting departments. Besides, we keep your all documents used in your Customs transactions on the electronic environment. Upon request of our customers, we prepare daily, weekly, monthly, annual detailed reports about foreign trade and present those to them.

  • Birleşik Online Monitoring System
  • Birleşik Online Reporting Service
  • Birleşik Online Electronic Archive Service