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ISO 22301.2012-X

Birleşik Gümrük Müşavirliği continues without slowing down to its practices by being entitled to receive the certificate of ISO 22301:2001 Business Sustainability Management System.

Business sustainability is one of the most important dimensions of our technological development. Our company is well-prepared...

ISO 10002.2014-X

We enjoy the pride of adding ISO 10002:2014 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System Certificate

We, Birleşik Gümrük Müşavirliği, have adopted it as our duty to correctly perceive our customers’ expectations and...

Birleşik Gümrük Müşavirliği keeps improving its Digital Transformation Applications

Aiming at Improved Service and High Efficiency, our Digital Transformation Solutions enable you to do more with less. In other words, while you use your resources in a more cost effective and efficient manner, you can achieve more and faster foreign trading operations. Thanks to the system integrations, you would have an error-free, traceable and controllable process. Increased Information Sharing Digital Transformation Solutions enable suppliers, production lines, business processes and departments to communicate independent of such factors as geographical position, time zone, platform, etc. All Supply Chain Process and customs clearance operations processes are made controllable. Our Digital Transformation Solutions provide us with opportunities to develop products and services we offer to our customers and improve customer experience. For instance, you can solve all your problems by having a good command of the process by your special reporting, system integration, automatic monitoring and risk analysis capabilities. You can offer your customers more options through your enhanced service quality.